Demo 2016

by Thief's Hand

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released May 29, 2016

Engineered by Cody Landers



all rights reserved


Thief's Hand Memphis, Tennessee

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Track Name: No Trust
No trust

I've got a bad attitude you've got me right where you want me and I can't trust shit cause that's what you've taught me I've got a chip on my shoulder from the knife in my back prowling the streets ready for attack.

Won't be tamed
Wont be told
If I don't trust
I can't be controlled
Fool be once
I can't get fooled again
I thought you had my back
I thought you were my friends
No trust
Track Name: Heavy Hitter
I see you come out to every show
Just to pick fights with all the kids you know
They all see why don't you fucking get it
You think you're so tough you're just pathetic

Watch out
Here comes the heavy hitter
Fueled by
Fucking rage and liquor

You come out every night
What gives you the right
Just to knock people down
You ruin this fucking town
We should run you out
You wouldn't be missed
Talk down to everyone
Get talked to and you get pissed

Nobody's safe
Not even you
You reap what you sow
Someday you'll be at the wrong show
Track Name: Suicide Note
This is a suicide note but it's not a cry for help. I'll be here tomorrow I'm still killing myself. I just have a couple issues that my vices help through. I'm not pushing shit this has nothing to do with you.

Put coffin nails in my lungs
Mouth's to bottle like the barrel of a gun
If I'm just drinking to forget
Who the fuck is having fun
Everyone but me

Haven't figured out how to fight my demons yet
In fact I fucking fail every chance I get
Pack a day guy, six and twenty
Ask me what I drink or smoke and I'll tell you fucking plenty
It is a self control issue and I don't have any
If you ever ask my family they'll just tell you I can't stop sinning

Restricted from an early age
Kept inside a Christian cage
When I finally broke the locks
That's when I ducking lost my way
Track Name: American Dystopia
American dystopia

Take a look around things are fucking bleak. When hungry equals starving and poor equals weak. No respect for those in charge when are protectors are murders at large.

We arm our ill
To the teeth

Riots resulting from police brutality
No traffic violation should end in fatality
With so many Americans down on their luck
In the war on the poor who can you trust?

I refuse to lie in a bed that I didn't fucking make
How much are we supposed to take?

Prisons getting bigger
Houses getting smaller
Fuck you for living well
Fuck me for living in squalor